The New Monetary Technology Transcending Our Political Divide

by Bitcoin Policy Group, Amanda Cavaleri, Annaliese Wiederspahn, Charline Fadirepo, CJ Wilson, Gary Leland, Lamar Wilson, Pete Rizzo, Jimmy Song

For many, there is no American Dream, only a nightmare. Financial stress and debt burdens weigh heavily. The system just feels rigged.

Amidst this despair, Americans are finding hope in an unlikely place.

With the help of a new, alternative financial system, they are finding that they can now save for the long term. While some in Washington see a technology to be feared and dismissed, Americans see Bitcoin as an opportunity. For them, Bitcoin is proving a valuable tool for financial freedom and agency.

Across America, a broad and diverse coalition is forming. They believe Bitcoin unlocks the door to a revitalized American dream. This book is about that dream.

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