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Learn the mechanics of the Taproot upgrade! Course will include coding exercises and deep technical explanation of:

 • Schnorr Signatures

 • Key-path/Script-path spending

 • Signature and Public Key Aggregation with MuSig2

 • Flexible Threshold aggregated Signature with FROST

Registration Details

  • Cost: $1500 per student payable in BTC.
  • $500 discount if applying 30+ days before the event.
  • $250 discount if applying 15+ days before the event.
  • Space is limited.

In order to provide the highest quality instruction to potential programming students, we will accept students that we feel have enough of a background in order to successfully get the most out of the class. This will lead to a better classroom experience and much less frustration for all the participants.

Please answer the questions to the best of your ability and if chosen, you will be invited to participate in a Programming Taproot seminar.

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