Bitcoin fixes over-politicization
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Bitcoin fixes over-politicization. Bitcoin Tech Talk Issue #208

Brian Armstrong got a lot of flak for his recent blog post where he explained that his company would be mission-focused. What upset people is his indication that Coinbase would not be a place for lots of political activism, that he wants people who work there to be committed to doing the work of the company. This was obviously to quiet down the voices in the company that wanted the company to take a harder stance on Black Lives Matter. The next day, Coinbase was offering severance packages to those who disagreed with the blog post.

This post has led to a lot of backlash on Twitter, including the former CEO of Twitter, Dick Costolo saying that leaders like Brian will get shot once there’s a revolution. His tweet has since been deleted. What’s going on here? Why is a crypto exchange taking such a stand and why is it at all controversial? It’s because the workplace has become a political battleground. There is a severe over-politicization of certain issues today because of fiat money.



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