Bitcoin Tech Talk Mission
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Bitcoin Tech Talk Mission

Authored with John Newbery

Keeping up with Bitcoin is exhausting. Most sources out there are either untechnical, inaccessible or partisan. It’s hard to know which details are accurate or inaccurate, partial or whole, FUD or actually something to worry about.

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Enter Bitcoin Tech Talk

This is why we’ve created Bitcoin Tech Talk. We want a place that the Bitcoin community can go to learn about the development process, technical proposals and upcoming events without all the emotional debate, mudslinging argument and FUD.

In other words, we want the community to understand Bitcoin better. It is with this in mind that we present the Bitcoin Tech Talk Mission.

Bitcoin Tech Talk Mission

We believe that:

  • The Bitcoin community wants to know about technical improvements in clear language.
  • Technical proposals should be presented fairly, in full and without spoonfeeding opinions.
  • Bitcoin users can and should judge for themselves whether something is beneficial or not.
  • Bitcoin users should be empowered through education about how development is done.
  • Contribution to Bitcoin should be welcomed and encouraged.
  • Bitcoin is a community that’s hungry for technical information that’s both digestible and not mixed with tribalism, ad hominems or straw men.

Of course, we all have our biases. We happen to think that Bitcoin Core is an incredible project with extremely talented and intelligent contributors, and we generally like the direction that Bitcoin Core is going in. We also contribute to Bitcoin Core, but we don’t represent Bitcoin Core nor do other Bitcoin Core Contributors represent us.

Debate and argument have their place and there are plenty of venues for that. We don’t aspire to be one of those. Bitcoin Tech Talk is a place where you can find out the facts of how something works. We won’t spoonfeed you opinions, we won’t manipulate your emotions, we won’t be cheering for one tribe or the other. We will, however, share our understanding of the latest developments, give context of why some things are the way they are, and elucidate some of the darker technical corners of Bitcoin. We’ll also be showing you practical ways to get involved to make Bitcoin better.

If you agree with the Bitcoin Tech Talk Mission, we would love to get more contributors! Please message us on Twitter.

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