Man pays 50 BTC in fees
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One nightmare scenario for many of us when we’re sending bitcoins is putting in a wrong transaction fee and having that transaction mined. The fees would be lost and you would never see them again.

This happened to a person I know in this transaction:

Yes, he paid 50 BTC in fees and mined the block back in January.

He posted all over reddit, tried to contact people, but unfortunately, due to his lack of technical prowess, he wasn’t able to figure out how to get his money back or how to prove that he sent the transaction.

He reached out to me during my show Off Chain. I just helped him sign this message:

Address : 1Acbo3viCYy1TSZB7m2W1nPPNF4rcAPMC9

Message : Please send back the money to : 1BJ5RoG7K84h3h99phZjUzLzAf6syNQkNm

Signature : HJyIIlA7hQ9WA+30Jx5oDwRvVD+sI6Odg0/fOnqTW+Hsfrau9dZfJ3twoqpmOetYvHEh4co53CziPuquLYO77Ps=

This is cryptographically verifiable and the address that the transaction inputs come from is clearly the one that signed this message.

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He’s clearly the person that made the mistake. Can someone from help this man out?



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