An Epidemic of Fakeness
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An Epidemic of Fakeness. Bitcoin Tech Talk #266

I recently was discussing masks with some friends of mine. We were discussing how certain businesses required them and how that seemed irrational. Vaccines have been available for many months now, and pretty much anyone that is concerned with infection has already gotten it or isn’t going out to places. On the other side of the spectrum, masks have always seemed like an idiotic measure. Masks are a strange requirement since it taxes everyone in terms of time and energy without any obvious benefits.

Yet in a strange sort of way, masking makes sense. Many businesses took PPP loans, and defying local ordinances may jeopardize their access to free money next time. So businesses are showing their willingness to comply to government mandates using this very simple trick. Sure, it’s inconvenient for their customers, but what are customers compared to free money? Masks are a way to show loyalty to their real customer, the government.



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