Bitcoin Tech Talk #275
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Bitcoin in El Salvador. Bitcoin Tech Talk #275

I’ve been in El Salvador the last few days and the experience so far has been really magical. The place has a natural beauty along with weather that’s best described as extremely relaxing. In addition, the area known as El Zonte has become a mecca for Bitcoiners who are here from all over the world. This is great for local tourism and even foreign investment, but being here on the ground, it’s clear that Bitcoin means much more to this country.

I had the honor of meeting with the Mexican delegation here in El Salvador. These were senators and ambassadors who wanted to check out what’s going on in El Zonte to see how they could take advantage of what’s been going on. What’s remarkable about this visit is that this sort of thing was completely unthinkable even a few years ago. In many ways, Central American countries are considered lower on the totem pole than Mexico, which in turn is considered lower on the totem pole than the US. The fact that a Mexican delegation was visiting El Salvador to learn what they could be doing better was truly remarkable.



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