Goals — 2020
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Goals — 2020

This is another post that’s too long for Twitter.

Yesterday, I had an odd encounter. Someone came up to me and opened with “We’ve never met, but I’ve been wanting to meet you.” The interesting thing was, that I had met this person back in 2015 at a conference, just that no one knew who I was back then. Fact is, this industry moves fast and it’s difficult to remember where we were even a few years ago. All that is to say, a lot can happen in a few years.

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My Story of Setting Goals

Back in May of 2017, I had just broken 1000 followers on Twitter and had just started appearing on YouTube shows talking about Bitcoin. Around that time, I was introduced to the self-authoring program by Jordan Peterson, which I completed shortly after.

Part of the program is writing pretty specific goals for a 5-year time horizon. It was a bit difficult doing that much self-reflection and figuring out what I wanted to do, and more importantly, what I ought to want to do. So with that in mind, I wrote down my goals that I wanted to accomplish in 5 years.

Among the things I wrote down were:

  • Keynote a conference
  • Travel to 5 continents and do something Bitcoin-related
  • Create my own business
  • Write a book

At the time I wrote them down, I hadn’t spoken at any conference, hadn’t been outside North America and Europe for Bitcoin stuff and had been a programmer since coming out of college.

18 months later, by the end of 2018, I realized that I had accomplished the goals on the list.

This industry moves so fast that maybe 1.5 years is like 10 years in Bitcoin years, so in a way, I might just be slow.

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Setting Goals for 2020

The exercise gave me a new appreciation for the power of goal-setting and making things happen. With that in mind, here are my goals for 2020:

  • Create a Programming Wallet course and teach it at least 3 times.
  • Write another collaborative book in less than a week.
  • Release a book of some cleaned up blog posts.
  • Keynote a non-Bitcoin related conference.
  • Go on 5 non-Bitcoin specific podcasts and YouTube shows with 1M+ subscribers.

I don’t know if I can accomplish all of these, but that’s almost besides the point. Having a direction and something to strive for is what goals are for.

With that in mind, I invite you to set your own.



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