Bitcoin Tech Talk #285
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Going to Paid. Bitcoin Tech Talk #285

I honestly can’t believe that this is issue #285. When I started this newsletter 5 years ago, I didn’t think that I would run it all that long. When I began, this newsletter was a bunch of links to interesting articles within Bitcoin. It was originally a curation newsletter for Bitcoin Techies like me.

Two years ago, I started using this space to write weekly essays about the Bitcoin space and included some cartoons to make it more entertaining. Having some sort of commentary structure turned out to be popular and I’m grateful for what this newsletter has become.

I am, however, reshuffling the content I’m putting out on the internet. I’m going to be separating what this newsletter has become to fit different audiences. For opinions, I’ve decided to publish a weekly column at Bitcoin Magazine. For developer news, this newsletter will once again return to being a resource for keeping up with Bitcoin. I will still be commenting on various stories, but there won’t be a main column.



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